Homemade hard chocolate ice cream coating

We’re on a budget for awhile, which means no buying chocolate-covered ice cream! We didn’t mind, though, because we have leftover Easter candy. I melted it with coconut oil to make the perfect substitute. It hardens beautifully on the ice cream.


And there you go! It works best if you dip the ice cream in the chocolate.



Heart Filigree Cake

I decided to have some fun with royal icing. The roses and hearts are all royal icing, stuck on crusted buttercream. I was afraid they’d melt, but they did fine, at least for one day. I hope to try a filigree box with some 0 tips sometime…next time I’m at the baking store, I’ll pick up some tiny tips.IMG_5086

Rainbow Cake #3

This is cute, I think. (From this recipe.) I would have left the frosting off completely, ’cause it looks awesome this way…I filled it with a scrumptious whipped cream/cream cheese icing, and it would have looked great with a dollop on top! BUT I wanted to frost it with my favourite cream cheese icing, so I did. Here it is with just the filling:

DSC_0125 1.JPG

And here it is decorated. I got the idea of putting a sun on it from somewhere on the wide world of internet, but I can’t find the link now. (It’s yellow-coloured white chocolate.) The white  icing is supposed to be clouds…obviously I haven’t perfected clouds yet. But I still like how it turned out! It’s cute. And of course the inside is really fun to see.