Wedding Cookies

This was my first shot at making fancy sugar cookies. Fun!IMG_5184.JPG

I thought for sure I posted something on how to make these. Urgh. I guess I’ll write it out again.

Just a quick note before I forget…if you’re going to play with royal icing, I really hope you have a stand mixer. Without my Kitchenaid, I’d be lying on the floor in a puddle of misery.

The icing on these cookies was rock hard, because I used a simple royal icing recipe. I learned afterwards to add glycerin and/or corn syrup, and the icing was much easier on the teeth that way.

The roses are from Sweet Sugarbelle’s blog. Way easy!!!

I rolled the cookies between spacers (I used 1/4″ thick bamboo skewers) to keep them exactly flat.

I lined and flooded the cookies with the same icing consistency; it made things a lot faster. See Sweetambs for more details! I think I used 12-count icing, but we all count differently, so that might not work for you.

After flooding the cookies, I dried them in a dehydrator (I have an Excalibur). It made the whole ordeal a lot faster! If I remember right, 15-20min was fine.

After drying the icing, I put on the decorations. The icing I used for the swirls was thicker than the flooding icing, of course, but not too thick, or the dots won’t dot; they’ll look like spiky ant hats instead. I don’t remember the icing count, though! Something like this might help if you’re having trouble (it’s all a matter of getting the right consistency ha ha ha ha ha).

By the way, did you know the colour olive green comes from diluting black icing colour? Wild. It worked great, though; I loved the olive green icing.


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