My first tiered cake!

Well, this is the first time I’ve put each tier on a platter, doweled everything, and then put it together. I cut up take-out containers for the cake-bottoms…I think I’ll buy some of the commercial ones next time. These were a bit bumpy, and made it harder to hide the spacing between the layers.

IMG_9100.JPGThe bottom layer is vanilla with cherry icing and filling. I smashed up cherries, since it’s cherry season, boiled them and strained them, and added the juice to my favourite icing (basically a cream cheese icing recipe).

The middle layer is a vegan chocolate cake, but I forgot to make the icing vegan! The icing is that same buttercream, but with butterscotch syrup for flavouring.

The top layer is my favourite pumpkin ginger cupcake recipe baked in half a Wilton ball pan. I tried to make ginger-flavoured icing by adding powdered ginger, but you can’t really taste it. I put just a bit of orange food colouring in to make the peach colour.

I had so much almost-ginger icing left over that I used it for all the decorations.

Oh, I almost forgot! I painted each layer with orange simple syrup, since I thought they were a tad dry, and the syrup helps make them moister (or I could stop over-baking everything, but why make it easy?). The syrup is 1C sugar + 1C water, boiled, plus grated orange peel.

The flowers are white gumpaste (here’s Nicholas Lodge’s recipe) painted with powdered colours & vodka. I made them pretty much like this youtube video, but mine don’t look as nice. Next time, if I want flowers that don’t look antique, I’ll colour the gumpaste instead of just painting the flowers. So I got smart and made the leaves using green gumpaste. To make them shiny, I painted them all over with silver sparkly powder & vodka…I don’t remember what the powder was called. I could probably find out really fast by googling it…

I made the flowers using toothpicks, so then I just poked the toothpick ends into the cake where I wanted the flowers to go. Next time I’ll try using spaghetti noodles, just to make it 100% edible.

Instead of dowels, I just stuck straws through the cakes — four for each layer. They’re easy to cut to the right length. I hope they hold up as I take this cake across the street to our clubhouse, where our party will be. I should’ve waited ’till we got there to put the whole thing together, but I got too overexcited about finishing it.