Easter Fiascos

Don’t you get tired of pretty pictures of beautiful things other people make? Let me help you. Here’s my list of failures for the Easter weekend. I won’t include the frozen meatballs that no-one likes.

IMG_7378 (1)
I boiled eggs in blueberries for the purple splotchy ones, and boiled them in beets for the ancient barely yellow color. Don’t you like the purple egg guts?
Had to post a picture of eggs boiling in beets
I tried a new recipe and didn’t cook them long enough. If I put them back in the oven now, they’ll be even more disgusting (heavy and gummy). Luckily we have compost.
I made these using a donut-shaped cupcake pan. I don’t like this recipe; they taste funny.
I used chocolate to decorate the hollow eggs this year, and I definitely like the frosting-decorated ones better. Drippy chocolate is hard to pipe.
And to top it all off, one of my favorite mugs broke. We had too many cups anyway.