Rose basket cake


I didn’t get in-progress pics for this, but it’s pretty basic — Russian tulip tips for the flowers and basket-weave for the cake. It had a delicious cream-cheese cherry filling, since I only had cherries at home. I still have some of the syrup left…hmm…


Flowery rainbow cake

This cake is also called “death by food colouring,” but only on the inside.

I’ve never done a 6-layered cake before — I divided two white cake mixes into four batches using my kitchen scale. For each batch, I added extra flour, some eggs whites & oil and soda water (a variation of, then split it into two bowls and coloured them. After baking all the layers, I used thick buttercream as a dam and filled them with cream cheese & whipped cream icing.

I cut around the edges of the cakes, since they weren’t flat, and weren’t tall enough to level.


Then I used a big tip to crumb-coat it. That tip saved the cake, because the layers were too crumbly and kept threatening to break off!


I put it back in the fridge after getting mad at it a few times, then when the icing cooled down, I was able to smooth it out a bit.


After that it was relatively easy! I used my Russian tulip tip for the flowers, a ziplock bag for leaves, and the normal whatsit schloopy tip for the borders.


I’ve decided I like the lines, instead of smoothing it out completely — it kind of says, “I’m not fondant, I’m buttercream!” which is nice, since I don’t really like fondant.

Turtle cake

This one is a 2-layer chocolate cake with a chocolate tortoise (okay, I call it a turtle cake because it sounds better than a tortoise cake but wow that’s so unscientific). I used my new icing tips for the flowers, and they worked great! The head and legs are made out of chopped up cupcakes I had leftover from a previous baking session. It was my first time trying a basketweave, and my icing was too thick, so it’s a little jittery. But not too bad!

maya's turtle cake 2017